6 0 t h   M E D I C A L    R E A D I N E S S    F L I G H T 

Travis Air Force Base,  California

                                60 Med Readiness, bw                                                       
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                        Black and White version of print (STANDARD)                                                                

60 Med Readiness, Color

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Color Version of the print (UPGRADE $45)

F R A M I N G     O P T I O N S
Every print includes Double Mat with Metal Frame for $42.00
This includes nameplate, glass, and is ready to hang.

U P G R A D E S  
4 upgrades are available to further enhance the print.  One or ALL upgrades can be combined for a custom look.
Start with the basic package and then ADD the following options to the $42
1. Inset Coin(s):  add $3 per coin                                       2. Wood Frame:  add $10         
3. Triple Mat:  add $10                                                 4. Watercolor:  add $45

The images shown below are samples that  best exemplify the finished framed prints.

website 2016 frame 1
               Standard:  $42
  Double Mat with Metal Frame

Website 2016 frame 2
 Wood Frame upgrade:  $10
                TOTAL:  $52

    Website 2016 Frame 3
      Wood Frame upgrade: $10
              One Inset coin:  $3
                    TOTAL:  $55

Website 2016 frame 4
Wood Frame upgrade:  $10
Watercolor:  $45;  2 coins: $6
              TOTAL:  $103

M A T    C O L O R   O P T I O N S

We offer 6 different mat color combinations to match your unit patches and emblems.

Double,navy,grey Navy/Grey Double,navy,red
Double, grey,blue Grey/Blue
Double, Black,gold
black marble,blue
Black Marble/Blue
Black Marble,red
Black Marble/Red

T R I P L E    M A T    C O M B I N A T I O N S   ($10 upgrade)

Triple, Navy,Red,Gold
Triple, black,gold,blue
Triple, bl marble,black,blue
Black Marble/
Triple, bl marble,red,black
Black Marble/Red/Black

 O R D E R I N G    Y O U R    P R I N T    I S    E A S Y ! !
1.  Choose your print: Black and White version or Color
2.  Choose your mat colors
3.  Choose your Frame:  Silver Metal or Wood
4.  Choose your Upgrades

Print-only options are available in singles, or in larger quantities.  Please contact the studio for information berryhillart@gmail.com for pricing. 


Order your prints 2 to 3 weeks prior to the date needed.  
This is especially important during the spring & summer months with PCS season!