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                  Black and White version of print (STANDARD)
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Color version of print (UPGRADE)
Every print includes Double Mat with Metal Frame for $42.00. 
This includes nameplate, glass, and is ready to hang. 
We can also include patch(es) and scarf (if applicable) at no extra charge.
                              Framing Sample,Standard,1
                                  Standard Framing option:  16"x20"*
        Framing Sample,Standard,2
   Standard option with patch & scarf  16"x20" 
We offer  6 different mat color combinations to match your unit patches and emblems.
Double Mat Options for the Standard Basic Framing Option
1. Navy/Grey
2. Navy/Red
Double, grey,blue
3. Grey/Blue
Double, Black,gold
4. Black/Gold
black marble,blue
5.Black Marble/Blue
Black Marble,red
6.Black Marble/Red
Triple Mat Options for the upgrades 
1. Navy/Gold/Grey
Triple, Navy,Red,Gold
2. Navy/Red/Grey
3. Grey/Gold/Blue
Triple, black,gold,blue
4. Black/Gold/Blue
Triple, bl marble,black,blue
5.Bl Marble Black/Blue
Triple, bl marble,red,black
6. Bl Marble/Red/ Black
We offer 5 different upgrades to further enhance your print. 
You can combine any or all of the upgrades so you can customize your print as you wish.

        Inset Coin(s)
           $3 each

Framing sample, upgrade coin
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One to four coins can be inset into any of the framing options.
We put them in either the top or bottom of the mat, depending upon if wings are used. Coins must be provided by the customer.

Standard Print: $42
Upgrade, Coins:  $3
Total:  $45.00

         Triple Mat

Upgrade, triple mat 
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This option adds an extra mat, which creates an interesting dimension & color. It is used with the wings option because of the depth of the wings, but it can be added to any package to further enhance your print.

              Standard Print: $42
            Upgrade, Triple Mat: $10
             Total: $52.00



       Wood Frame

Upgrade, Wood

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1 1/2" Mahongany wood frame with a beaded edge. If you have an extra $10, this is where to spend it! This is the upgrade we suggest most often.

          Standard Print: $42
   Upgrade, Wood Frame: $10
   Total: $52.00


        Inset Wings
       with Triple Mat
.Framing upgrade,wings
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The price of the wings is $5 and the triple mat is $10. The
studio keeps pilot, navigator and aircrew wings in-stock. (slick, with star, and wreath) The triple mat is used with this option due to the depth of the wings. Badges must be supplied by customer and incur a $10 charge for the triple mat upgrade only.

            Standard Print: $42
            Upgrade, Wings: $5
          Upgrade: Triple Mat $10
         Total: $57.00

 Color Version of Print 

Upgrade, Watercolor

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Color version of the print. We can add the color to even the most basic framing option. This version truly enhances the print and brings out the colorful details. This example actually shows the addition of every upgrade
          Standard Print:  $42           
          Upgrade, Coin:  $3
Upgrade: Wings & triple mat:  $15
    Upgrade:  wood frame:  $10
    Upgrade:  Color version:  $45
Total:  $115.00


Order your prints 2 to 3 weeks prior to the date needed.  
This is especially important during the spring & summer months with PCS season!