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W  E  N  D  E      W  A  G  G  O  N  E  R      B  E  R  R  Y  H  I  L  L

Wende Waggoner Berryhill has been drawing and painting since childhood.  She earned a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art from Stephen F. Austin State University in Texas.  She married her high school sweetheart, Steve, right out of college, and they began their married life in the Air Force

With an art degree and portfolio in hand, she had great ambition for a career in commercial art.  Their first assignment to Wurtsmith AFB in Michigan did not provide many options for this kind of career path!  
Like most wives at remote bases, volunteer work became a way of life and she provided drawings for the base, wives' clubs, and the local area.  She also created watercolor paintings and exhibited her artwork in galleries.  She was approached by one of the
commanders on base to create a "Squadron Print" and jumped at the opportunity to showcase
her work in this way.  

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Their next assignment to Castle AFB provided many new outlets for her work and she was able to work for local builders creating architectural renderings.  This was one of her focus areas in college, so it was very satisfying to put this part of her degree to actual practice. She continued with the Squadron art and created many new prints for the different units on base.  She was known as the "litho lady" on base and enjoyed delivering framed prints to the squadrons. 


Upon moving to Altus, she was approached to create work for units that were out of her state.  That is when the world of boxing, shipping and sending artwork all over the country began.  It offered unique challenges, but it was an interesting turn that seemed to work with the transient lifestyle.  Not having to re-establish every time they moved was a nice advantage.  This proved itself very well when Steve decided to join the Alabama Air National Guard full time.  The move to Birmingham would be the last, but the squadron art still continued even though there was not a large local Air Force Base.                                

W E N D E ' S     U N I Q U E   S T Y L E    O F    A R T

Wende's unique style of illustration captures detail and accuracy through the technique of "pointillism." This detailed method incorporates thousands of dots in to a descriptive rendering with a subtle variation of light and dark tones.  This style worked very well in her portrayal of various aircraft.  Wende works directly with squadrons, groups and wings to create one-of-a-kind drawings that represent the work and mission of each organization.  She also offers complete matting and framing options for each client.  She has always enjoyed working with the military community because of their professionalism, great pride in their work and career, and their devotion to family.  

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F  A  M  I  L  Y     L  I  F  E

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Wende and her husband, Steve, have been stationed at Wurtsmith AFB, MI, Castle AFB, CA,  Altus  AFB, OK and have permanently settled in Birmingham, AL with the Alabama Air National Guard.  Steve retired in 2019 after 39 years of service. They have four married daughters and one college-bound son. Grandchildren have entered the picture now, making life quite lively.


Wende and Steve look forward to traveling, working on home renovations, attending Auburn football & basketball games, and visiting the Grands in his new retired life.  He plans on spending 'some' time in the Art Studio and will take over the role of Chief Framemaster.  Wende is an avid CrossFitter, a black belt in TaeKwonDo, a florist, baker, and is willing to try just about any kind of artistic endeavor!  

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