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"This is the best part of the process.  It's sort of like putting a puzzle together....."

$50 - $350

Wende's Bio Wix 4 fixed better.png
  • Changes in text and patch(es) are a minimal charge, depending upon how much the print would have to be altered to fit the new images.  In some cases, there is no charge at all. 

  • Prints on this price structure are for groups only.

  • Browse through the prints on the website and look for illustrations and layouts that might work for your organization. 

  • Working with a strong focal point produces the best print.  Aircraft or buildings are suggested.  

  • List what you would like to appear on the print, and the importance of each item.  You can also provide a bubble diagram, based upon other prints on the website with revisions that will make it work for your unit. 

  • Gather specific items that will define your unit.  Emblems, patches, motto, local area landmarks.  They will need to be provided via email.

  • You can keep the commission price lower, and it will take considerably less time if you can find illustrations from the website that have been already created.  After 30 years, there is a LOT of art.  Drawings from Archived Units can also be considered.  Simply email the studio to access whichever units may be of interest and we will email the image to you.  

  • For large units, it's very challenging to include all aspects of the mission.  This is just part of the process...finding ways to include all without looking too cluttered.  

Wende's Bio Wix 2.jpg

  • New illustrations for the unit need to be carefully selected before considering them for you unique print.  Re-drawing will cause increases in price and take more time.

  • A rough draft will be created, not perfect, and we can make as many changes as you wish until we have the final product.

  • There are slow times of year.....creating a print in the Summer PCS season is very challenging.  Keep that in mind when planning a print.  We really do our best to move the original prints along, but filling print orders is the priority.

  • It is hard to put a time frame as to how long it takes to produce a new print.  Anywhere from 1 week to 3 months, depending upon how much new art would have to be created, and how many drafts we need to produce to get a final.  

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