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  1. What if there is a mistake on my order?  We truly wish that we did not have to address this, but there is a margin for error on every order and we are human. There is nothing more frustrating for you and for our Art Studio.  We guarantee every single order 100% and we will make it right.  Just email us and we will send out another print, or send a UPS label for it to be mailed back to us.  

  2. Rush Orders? We do our best to accommodate orders that are needed sooner than 2-3 weeks.  It happens, we understand.  We are in Alabama; therefore, most east coast and central US orders are pretty easy to turn around quickly.  Just email the studio and we will let you know if it's possible.  West Coast orders are a full 6 days in-transit alone, so it's really tough to get a print out there quickly. UPS charges a dimensional weight for the boxes, so the overnight shipping can be in excess of $100.  No kidding.  

  3. How do we make changes to our print?  Changes are usually pretty easy.  Unit emblems, mottos, buildings, patches and aircraft change all the time.  Sometimes there's not even a charge to change the print.  If it's just a new patch or text, then we change it for no charge.  If an aircraft needs to be added (Hello, KC-46), then we often already have drawings of the new aircraft and we just need to reconfigure the layout to fit it in.  Buildings are another matter....they are labor intensive and there would be a charge to change that, but we keep the prices down for our regular customers.

  4. Coins?  There is nothing that makes a framed print look more custom than the addition of coins.  But here's the deal....they have to mailed to the studio.   Sorry, we know it's a hassle, but taking a whole print apart to add a coin is far worse than going to the Post Office and mailing them. The address of the studio is on the bottom of the website.  We also need to know which side you want to show.  Just stick a post-it note on the side that you want to show.  

  5. Why is my unit not included in the website?
    There are a number of reasons.  First, each print has been commissioned by a particular unit by specific individuals that wanted to create the print.  We work directly with unit members to create a print that will reflect that unit's mission and character.  It may be a print that we haven't sold in a while, and in that case, check out the Archived Units. There is also the possibility that your print is new and has not been added to the website yet. In that case, just email us and we will get your unit up asap!

  6. Shipping  
    This is by far the most challenging thing we face.  Our carrier of choice is UPS because they are the least expensive for large boxes, they track the prints and they reliably deliver by the date that is stated.  Shipping overnight is out of the question due to cost.  Because of the dimensional weight, it can easily be in excess of $100 to deliver overnight.  We prefer to mail to NON-residential addresses because it is considerably less expensive to do so.  We do not ever make a profit shipping the prints.

  7. How long will it take to create a new print?  
    There is really no consistent answer for this question.  We've actually turned out a new print in a day, and dragged on some new work for 6 months.  It really depends on how many changes need to be made, how much new art needs to be created and the time of the year.  Summer PCS season is really tough.  We really do our best.  The more new artwork you have, the longer the print will take.  We have 30+ years of artwork, so hopefully we can use what we already have drawn!  Every illustration is done by hand and then put in photoshop and then manipulated as needed. It's a pretty cool process.  We are very thankful for modern technology that allows us to produce the work that we do.  

  8. We are Military!  
    My husband has served in the Air Force and Air National Guard for 39 years.  We understand the life and appreciate the job that each and every one of you do, from the active duty folks to the spouses and families at home.  I chose this line of work and have stayed with it all these years because there are no better people on earth than those that serve in the Armed Forces!  

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